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Inspiratornia Foundation has existed since 2010. In the course of its activities conducted a number of projects of a social nature. These are:


Candis. Therapy for people addicted to marijuana and hashish.

Individual, short-term therapeutic program for people who have problems because of the use of marijuana or hashish. The program could involve people over  16 years of age who would like to limit or discontinue use hemp.


Competition for journalists

The idea that guided the implementation of this initiative is to promote in Media behavioral addictions issues and inspire journalists to take a variety of forms of journalism this subject. Idea the "Addictions  of 21st century" came about in response to the worrying CBOS survey results with 2012 showing that more and more prevalent in population behavioral addictions, such as pathological gambling, webholism, workaholism, sexoholism or buying addiction, accompanied by simultaneously relatively small knowledge of Polish society on the topic.



Trainings are addressed to all social groups professionally related to the subject of addiction, debt, etc. They were led training for teachers, police, educators, debt collectors, bailiffs, social workers, trustees, debtors, companies offering  paid gambling games, etc.



On the streets of Warsaw regularly appear  graffiti thematically dedicated to addiction issues.

Social Campaigns:

-City pulls

-Diller of drug knowledge

-Cycle of radio auditi




Maja Ruszpel

Media and public relations, social campaign consultant. As a media officer she worked for Global Drug Policy in Open Society Foundations program, The Helsinki foundation for human rights and polish public relations agencies. She was fully responsible for World Commission of Drug Policy promotional activies in Poland (cooperation with Polish President A.Kwaśniewski office).

She Have 15 years of experience in leading social, and informative campaigns.

Journalist .  Publish in many polish media: “Dzienniku Gazecie Prawnej “.”Zwierciadle”, cooperate with TOKFM radio; cooperate with “Przekrój”  journal and internet portal - dedicated to polish activities of civil society and non-governmental  organizations. Repeatedly she dealt with social and education issues. Founding member of Polish Drug Policy Network.

She founded and runs the Foundation Inspiratornia, which implements and number of social campaigns devoted  to contemporary addictions, like webholism or sexholism, and chemical alcohol and drugs addictions. Foundation gives special attention to issues of excluded people – HIV infected, gamblers, debtors, alcoholics, drug addicts etc.

Among the tools used in campaigns are cycles of education radio programs, competitions for journalists, graffiti in urban space, social campaigns, ambient campaigns and campaigns using methods of guerilla marketing.

A graduate of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw, and the Koźmiński Academy at the Faculty of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Dominika Krzywotulska-Grydlik
Vice president

In 2005- 2007 worked in PR Studio Art centre in Warsaw. As a journalist and reviewer wrote,  among others, for the monthly “Foyer” and “Scenes”.  In the years 2007-2012 she worked in the department of Strategy and new technologies in one of the largest polish public relations agencies.

To her duties belonged: monitoring and media selection strategy in line with client, preparation of press releases and texts for media industry, organizing press conferences and making presentations to journalist and investors. He also collaborated with the Foundation Panoptykon , acting on behalf of freedom and human rights in supervised society. Learn, among others; how to secure your data, computer, wallet or phone, fighting for a law to protect freedom and privacy of each citizen.

In Inspiratornia,   she deals with the coordination and administration of projects.

Takes a part in street workers activities and leading trainings.

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